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In 1975, Oakley was co founded by Jim Jannard and basketball star Michael Jordan. From 1975 to 1980, Oakley has been the production of off-road racing goggles for the mainstream.the creation of a cheap oakley sunglasses, We should pay attention to cheap fake oakley holbrook sunglasses part of ,so from China does not exist fake Oakley.In the USA, India, Australia, Canada, UK and other North American.

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With the increasing popularity of cycling and running in recent years, attention has also been paid to sports equipment. In many of the equipment, sports glasses is an indispensable part, especially for outdoor sports, to avoid the strong light irradiation, can better play a protective role. OAKLEY, known as HDO […]

Rest assured that you run and say goodbye to those glasses that will jump Why is it worth chopping? I believe many glasses runners have met with those you are running, the rhythm of running, jumping up and down the glasses on the bridge of the nose is painful, and […]

As a riding friend who loves to watch the road race, upgrading equipment has always been a goal in life. Oakley JAWBREAKER sunglasses this riding mirror by Cavendish involved in the design, there are “God ye” this sign, so this section is very interested. However, the shyness is only a […]

Oakley favorite glasses for a long time, the first is to travel abroad to see a foreigner with a bald on the circle logo mirror faded glasses feel good, Baidu come back before you know is just a fancy Oakley, are quite expensive have not been willing to buy, always […]

A long time ago, as a skier, it was very popular with this brand. In China, sunglasses and functional glasses are usually sold. Ski shops also sell a wide variety of ski glasses. Lin Dan is a major sponsor of the brand in the mainland. Oakley overall brand in the […]

Friends always wanted to give her husband glasses, IT glasses as a male, cannot do without glasses, Wuhan prices are not low, in the province to province principle, I intend to give her to the country’s largest production of spectacles glasses. It is ready to go to Danyang with her, […]

When you choose sunglasses, you will think of a pair of looking good sunglasses, in fact, is very face picking, looks good, may not wear good-looking. OAKLEY Frogskins Oakley Sunglasses Blue coating is this kind of pick sunglasses in a face. Reasons for purchase Although Ray-Ban’s Sunglasses already have two […]

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In fact, long grass this pair of glasses, but there has been no orders, because I believe she would send me welfare. That day, the phone received coupons push, he did not care about the beginning, directly missed the opportunity to grab two coupons. Just when I was discouraged, I […]

Oakley frame packaging, is not sealed, the label is more interesting, “we are all United States patent, patent is not China ~” Okay, then I go to the United States Patent and registered according to domestic patent right, and then sold at high prices to you, for our country foreign […]