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oakley Essilor glasses selection

Oakley frame packaging, is not sealed, the label is more interesting, “we are all United States patent, patent is not China ~” Okay, then I go to the United States Patent and registered according to domestic patent right, and then sold at high prices to you, for our country foreign exchange. Open the package, the manual, the propaganda page, the glasses case and the glasses case case. The glasses case also contains a self sealing bag, with glasses inside. This […]

Oakley Racing Jacket Custom Men’s Sunglasses

In 1975, Oakley was founded by Jim Jannard. From 1975 to 1980, Oakley has been the main driver of off-road racing goggles. After years of experience in design, manufacturing and marketing, they have developed a range of high-performance fashion glasses using high-tech and intelligent crystals. Today, Oakley has more than 600 patents and 800 registered trademarks in the world, its products include glasses (M-frame, Zeros, E-Wires, Eye-Jackets, X-Metal, Overthetop Series), and Oakley glasses of all series, all in the U.S. […]

Oakley GasCan 03-473 sunglasses

Start with the small series first say sorry, long so big, the first time received the editor to push the evaluation report.. So you have to hand over the report overnight, don’t you? The first time I knew the brand was at the GIANT bike store. The place that sells glasses in this shop has the glasses of this brand. Then I went over and tried. After seeing the price, there was no more. Thank our aunt Zhang trick all […]

Blind special section: Oakley glasses

For Oakley glasses, the initial knowledge is a riding glasses, tour de France Armstrong color version When I was cycling, I liked it… Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to wear such NB – colored glasses. (actually, I don’t have any money.) Later, a lucky coincidence, you need two glasses, RUDY PROJECT and red color lightning champion version, OAKLEY is simply a resentment, has been thinking about, also has not shot… Have the honor to participate in the red test […]

oakley GasCan 03-473 sunglasses concise evaluation

Write in front: the words of this platform is very awesome, June 30th open public test, so the platform rose to a new height. It also allows us people to come into contact with some products. Unfortunately, the opening day was invited to go out shooting, delayed a lot of good products ah ~ ~ but just 20 gold coins 1000 of me, in the face of a lot of 1000 gold coins products, can only swallow the bitter water… […]

Experience in riding (myopia) oakley glasses

Talking about experience. In fact, the daily corrective vision glasses can easily buy clip type sunglasses lenses on Taobao. For many people, this is a cheap, fast, convenient choice. Meet the basic needs. But sunglasses have some special needs, and this is also the use of sunglasses. Strong sunlight into the eyes of the occasion, in addition to direct light outside, there are a large number of scattered light, sunglasses should not only deal with the direct light, but also […]

nhl player for oakley glasses

Michael – Glen Rand has finally reached the wild was in the draft choice when his expectations, after a season in just 82 games to get a disappointing 44 points, the 25 year old Finland striker has reached the pinnacle of occupation in this season. Although few people noticed his progress, but that he in this season in captain m Cole – KOIVU right quietly in 82 games to get 69 points. This year Glen Rand annual salary is only […]

How about the quality of wholesale Oakley sunglasses?

  Compared with the Over the Top Oakley side, many other products seem cool is relatively normal. The Google Glass is the leading cause of intelligent electronic glasses trend, but Oakley as early as 10 years ago has foreseen the glasses and electronic products with the trend, launched a new music sports glasses, the glasses frame in the left and right legs were integrated music player and headset, allowing riders in training more convenient to enjoy music. What is Oakley […]