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Oakley Radar EV Path glasses

Oakley Radar EV Path All weather photochromic lenses In order to actively respond to the original call of Aunt Zhang (in fact, procrastination seizures dragged half a month), this time to come to Aunt place to get the first sun achievement. In recent years, I would go out for a ride in the summer nights, and occasionally go to a mountain with my friends. But money is tight, lazy, so they are not equipped with a pair of glasses riding, […]

Oakely GasCan Casual Sunglasses sales

You have to make a plan before the sun had received the glasses, one is for Zhang aunt let me use the gold to change a few glasses, I want to be cool two is posing, who knows a hand wearing glasses to know, O is not suitable for me this big cake face, will not write the article submission, until two days ago to see the sun single man ashtray! Like Nicholas Cage from hell to return to earth, […]

Sports and street athletes – OAKLEY

With the increasing popularity of cycling and running in recent years, attention has also been paid to sports equipment. In many of the equipment, sports glasses is an indispensable part, especially for outdoor sports, to avoid the strong light irradiation, can better play a protective role. OAKLEY, known as HDO (High Definition Optics) technology, has gained a great deal of popularity for its excellent performance. Oakley HDO technology eliminates common defects in common lens distortions and has kept performance at […]

Oakley Ferrari OO9269-06 Polarizer

Oakley favorite glasses for a long time, the first is to travel abroad to see a foreigner with a bald on the circle logo mirror faded glasses feel good, Baidu come back before you know is just a fancy Oakley, are quite expensive have not been willing to buy, always pay attention to find a discount, I have eleven double activities go to see the more than 1000 flagship store prices still feel very expensive, until November 10th, is a […]

Oakley Frogskins Casual series OO9245 neutral Sunglasses

When you choose sunglasses, you will think of a pair of looking good sunglasses, in fact, is very face picking, looks good, may not wear good-looking. OAKLEY Frogskins Oakley Sunglasses Blue coating is this kind of pick sunglasses in a face. Reasons for purchase Although Ray-Ban’s Sunglasses already have two pairs. One side is the sea Amoy Ray-Ban Ray-Ban RB3025 Avator bright green sunglasses, once the sun single as follows. Bright green sunglasses in summer, just need a pair of […]

oakley OX8065 glass

Often wear glasses are available online eyewear with Ray-Ban + default available 1.60 resin lenses, with more than a year, because in that clip has yellow anti blue, there are two pieces of lens coating wear was off; and usually pay attention to maintenance, is often used to wipe clothes with a bath; that also leads to aging and head frame goes up. Some time ago can get the available coupons, slow hand, grab a 199-100, with a common frame […]

Sea Amoy OAKLEY BLENDER 004959-15 Sunglasses

In our aunt Zhang diving for more than a year, scouring the sea so long no sun, this was absolutely to bask in the sun. As a (men) (SAO) of OAKLEY is very young, I love the brand, but love the long styles do not discount the cash strapped me suspired. One day received Oakley factory store mail, suggesting Sunglasses discount, excitedly ran to see what the right style didn’t fancy this, OAKLEY MPH Blender Sunglasses Matte Black w/Grey 004059-15OAKLEY […]

Oakley Underspin Female sunglasses

Since the first time the sea Amoy taste sweet (then) head (appropriate) after scouring the sea was a get out of hand, the recent LP adults cried every day to buy Sunglasses, to see the shop, gosh, what Tyrannosaurus, Prosun from the 500 domestic… After that, look at the Ray-Ban.. That price is even more…. Look again, the United States and Asia, 6pm decisive choice sea Amoy, in order to in the summer before the arrival of LP adults bring […]

Oakley RX OX8029-0256 Optical frame

No one ever made a test, so I’ll be a guide. Recently started a O home frames, because there are a few points: 1, is a special channel, special prices, the opportunity is rare, so ruthless cruel bought. 2, compared with Taobao 1-200 Oakley frames, I really have nothing to say, you know. 3, the original use of lens wear, with the original motive. About a few small partners to buy together, but also a few large sun drying. Taobao […]

Comment on OAKLEY’s Frogskins

As saying on Sunday will be on business, has been worried about not received Zhang aunt’s public test glasses, fortunately today finally received Aunt Zhang express, as an old SMZDMer account, lying in the three digit gold for a year (mainly gold too little nothing to change, the discovery of Europe) his glasses as long as 500 gold, try to point out, then, in the… Since the evaluation is good, get the parcel immediately opened opened on. Open mystery Zhang […]