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Oakley Sunglasses true and false identification method

Oakley headquarters near the building also has a number of soil slope site, the staff can come to jump at any time, next to the bonfire can also be held We talked to Oakley’s designers during the visit, and they answered some of our questions. When it comes to the Chinese market, they admit that the previous promotional efforts slightly inadequate, because after all, the European and American market is still their main goal. But with the increase in Chinese […]

Oakley glasses why sell so expensive?

Oakley glasses do not have too much evaluation. There are only two characteristics: first, you do not engage in activities really reluctant to buy. Two is good (throw out some big name street). If you don’t know which building in the picture above is Oakley’s global headquarters, what will you think of when you first see it? Military base? A sci-fi movie alien scenery? All in all, it doesn’t look like a thing that exists in the real world, but […]