Often wear glasses are available online eyewear with Ray-Ban + default available 1.60 resin lenses, with more than a year, because in that clip has yellow anti blue, there are two pieces of lens coating wear was off; and usually pay attention to maintenance, is often used to wipe clothes with a bath; that also leads to aging and head frame goes up. Some time ago can get the available coupons, slow hand, grab a 199-100, with a common frame with a gradually grey photochromic lens, found that 35 of the height of the hand frame is too big, basically idle, the feeling is matched with a daily, the Aunt Zhang and vouchers certainly can not let go, 599-300 feel the discount is still quite large, of course, can not control a single.

Oakley glasses 0OX8065 80650255359 yuan to buy the available optical network.

Look, don’t waste coupons for dinner, of course to find a frame + lens at around 600 ~ relative choice is not too much, Ray-Ban + Oakley, Armani, Burberry, Prada what ah, the first feeling is expensive, second people cannot hold, take the feeling is to spread the goods.

So choose this Oakley OX8065 0255, checked on the net the sales is still relatively small, and the original Ray-Ban almost 31 mirror height (I don’t want to be a frog eye), the total width of glasses increased up to 143 less likely to be feeling up, only worry is the nose Liang Kuandu, 15 of the 18 the feeling is designed for Europe and the nose, but look at the touch coupon wallet, but maybe the nose wear will become large,. Lenses, or feel a little better choice, with the frame with coupons. I also considered high myopia, 550+775, or the size of the eye, at least, with about 1.6 of the lens, or a bottle of ocean is too thick and too ugly, then choose the 1.591 diamond crystal A+PC lenses essilor.

Drill crystal A series of three grade bar, A+/A3/A4, other feel more powerful, or chose to drill crystal A+.

Single use, full cut coupons, the actual payment of 379, personal feeling of this brand is the relative value of it, just buy the ordinary line shop two hundred or three hundred. Now you can receive the general order, will confirm the number of lenses under the phone, and now older, the degree of almost unchanged,.

The May 31st order received on June 5th is acceptable. Items received, wrapped, a large eye and an eye chart are not available, LOGO. Why is that?

Inside the package is a foam bag with the main body, a self sealing bag (label seal), a take out invoice, to tell you the truth, it feels a bit rough.

The self styled bag packaging, glasses Oakley replaced Oakley lenses, Essilor lenses packaging, Essilor warranty

Carefully observe the Yishilu packaging, complete and detailed information, there is a two-dimensional code can check the authenticity of the WeChat sweep, to add micro signal.

Verification is genuine, but cock wire mentality is still a little bit uneasy, the establishment of the following points, you can establish personal information library, left eye, right lens and degree will be recorded.

According to the two-dimensional code to obtain the information, this properly qualified is authentic, it’s relieved. The legendary 1.59 diamond A+ cosmic film.

PC resin lens is a kind of lens made of polycarbonate (thermoplastic material) which is molded after heating. It is made from space exploration and is also known as a cosmic film or a space telescope. Because PC resin is a thermoplastic material with excellent properties, it is especially suitable for making lenses. The advantages of 1.PC material PC resin lens itself has anti UV, anti ultraviolet function, can do almost 100% UV protection; at the same time the material is not easy to change. 2. lighter, is currently in the light of the optical lens a lens; if there is no problem in the process of words, weight than ordinary resin sheet about 30% lighter than glass sheet, light 50%. 3.PC material for viscous materials, toughness, not easy to break, and super shock resistance, 10 times stronger than the impact of resin tablets, more than 60 times stronger than glass. 4. because of the high refractive index and light weight characteristics, now a variety of multi-functional, multi-purpose PC lenses are also being introduced to meet the wearer’s physiological, protective and other integrated needs.
A little popular PC film and its characteristics, the style is a little bit higher than the resin.