Oakley Underspin Female sunglasses

Since the first time the sea Amoy taste sweet (then) head (appropriate) after scouring the sea was a get out of hand, the recent LP adults cried every day to buy Sunglasses, to see the shop, gosh, what Tyrannosaurus, Prosun from the 500 domestic…

After that, look at the Ray-Ban.. That price is even more…. Look again, the United States and Asia, 6pm decisive choice sea Amoy, in order to in the summer before the arrival of LP adults bring sunglasses, choose try SF Service ~ ~!

After that, feel the price and quality is reliable and Ray-Ban Oakley ~ Ray-Ban lenses are glass is too heavy!! Oakley very light, high technology content, called the film 3 years will not fall off, try to counter the wear is really great!! Just oakley!

60 knife price, second days delivery, before May Day transfer warehouse receipt.. 3 days later, the library

It’s very light, but the glasses, glasses and boxes weigh only 0.65 pounds… I lost my shipping costs.

The price of the transfer is not cheap, but the speed I can only kneel, ~3 number of goods shipped

Number 21 to my hand… The actual speed and the speed they blow, I will not Tucao

However, the protection of goods is really good, the box intact ~!

What can’t read?….

Open family portrait ~ ~ decisive is the high-end atmosphere on the grade ah ~ glasses bag and this cool box.

The parameters of mark some close-up O glasses. The nose nose, really good.

Well, if you bask here, some people wonder why it’s tragic… Because of the face of Asians.

In front of the sunglasses purchase experience, the post also mentioned this problem, blame I did not look carefully…

This mirror is designed entirely for the face of Europe and America, this radian! The width of this nasal tray…..

In general, Asians wear 100% frames to their faces… The bridge of the nose is completely out of reach of the nose.

So, the tragedy can only hang on the nose.

Oakley is really good, to counter tried, very paste face, and very light (counter is basically Asian version),

But I suggest you buy, must buy Asian Version, or come back is tragedy…