Oakley: Oakley, an old American brand, is the top brand in the field of sports glasses. Lin Dan, the world champion badminton champion, speaks for himself. Oakley sunglasses have a strong sense of design and new appearance. With more than 600 patents, it is not only a sponsor of many world-famous events, but also has many fans in the fashion industry.

RAYBAN: American military sunglasses supplier’s professional brand, with 100% anti ultraviolet effect, the world’s highest sales of sunglasses brand, many international celebrities endorsement, influence is self-evident.

Charles and CK: the popular little CK is good except for bags and shoes. The dark lens of the Carlone color, the rich and varied shape of the sunglasses, I believe you can always find true love Sunglasses here.

BOLON: Tyrannosaurus sunglasses is the best brand in the domestic and fashion circles, fashion, advanced technology, many star endorsement and great input in the media, has become the first brand of domestic sunglasses. The color and style of Tyrannosaurus sunglasses are relatively mature, bringing their own aura, suitable for understanding, or taking the trend of European and American style.

Helen Keller: Helen Keller is a late American educationist and writer. His representative work, if he gave me three days of light, was selected as a Chinese textbook. Helen Keller sunglasses in Xiamen, in this name, salute the writer with a positive and optimistic spirit, which is called from the United States, but many also have the suspicion of fake foreign brands. Helen Keller Sunglasses’ American design style, brand positioning is relatively high, Lin Chiling endorsement for him, spare no efforts in publicity, catch up with the trend of Tyrannosaurus.

Wakubo Rei glasses: Japanese fashion designer brand Wakubo Rei glasses shop, sunglasses, magic mirror and other rich styles, and personality logo of love. In addition, the lenses are high-definition polarizing filter lenses, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays and harmful light damage to the eyes, and help to protect eyesight.

Treasure island glasses: from Taiwan’s treasure island glasses, well-known across the Taiwan Strait, the first brand of Chinese glasses, there are many Polarized Sunglasses for driving.

Super glasses: Japanese Sakawa Fujii and SEIKO Seiko eyeglasses, American Ray-Ban RayBan and Levi’s LEVIS plate glasses shelves and other brands of authorized products stores, super glasses in many cities also have physical stores, reliable quality.

Glasses through the supermarket: there are dozens of chain glasses under the national line supermarket has been established for more than 10 years, is the more than 10 international big brand of authorized dealers, including TOM FORD/ MontBlanc / PRADA / GUCCI and other large glass glasses are selected.

Mid sky glasses franchise: the main American Rayban Ray-Ban sunglasses, and the store also has the PRADA/ GUCCI / Chole / Dior / BURBERRY / CK and other well-known brand of sunglasses for sale.

Your temperament is the most important, then consider the matching of face and sunglasses. The ultimate goal is to wear the confidence effect, isn’t it? The retro half frame sunglasses are suitable for most people’s face and the best choice for the tide people; oval oval mirror is really to see the personal temperament type; the cat eye type sunglasses will have a charming feeling, the most suitable for the girl of the melon face, so that the face becomes sharp and tangible.