Surfing the Internet everyday, opening the website of Zhang Ma normally, and the new year’s day will not fall. Look at what’s interesting. Ha, I see pushing sunglasses.

And I like the style (the toad person is not very love), but 20 percent off yards can not be used, but the difference is also good, determined by the United States and Asia, direct mail 52.96 knife, probably after a few days after the receipt, direct mail speed is still possible.

To get the first feeling is very light, lighter than the Ray-Ban 2140F, Oakley famous for sports glasses, this makes me feel a little bit partial movement, the mirror foot is a bit tight after the foot, Ray-Ban does not feel, but may not fall off a slight movement, no long time did not know the clip does not clip the head. Let’s take a look at some of the dregs.

This is all there is no mirror box.

With the effect, forgive me for not getting dressed in the morning and picking up a jacket.

On the left is the Ray-Ban 2140F, and the lens is smaller than the Oakley Sunglasses.

The Oakley mirror is not smooth after folding, so Ray-Ban is much better. No wonder there are no boxes, only bags.

The effect of Ray-Ban.

2 pairs of glasses in the actual use of the process of no discomfort, because the lens is bigger, the light shielding scope is more lightweight and has a considerable motion lens effect, but it does not exclude long time chuck, because I haven’t worn a long time.
Ray-Ban 2140 lenses are small for small face and no collet. Summer is easy to slide after sweating on both sides of nose, so I use glasses nose holder slightly better. I still feel better about Ray-Ban in making work. I can’t flatten the light mirror after folding. I feel a bit uncomfortable. 2 pairs of glasses are relatively casual when they wear casual clothes. Ray-Ban’s 2140F is no need to say, just like 3025 toads. Oakley’s dark blue lenses look more personable. I personally prefer this type of spectacles. The purchase is also a good idea. In general, more than 300 yuan is feeling good.