Hot summer, good price Sunglasses start to start the good time ~OAKLEY euro is the famous brand of sunglasses in the United States, the trademark is a big O, the multi-functional Sunglasses specially designed for all kinds of sports people, the most characteristic of a series of highly sci-fi glasses, such as MEDUSA, THUMP, RACINGJACKET and so on. Whether in the film “the matrix” or “the scene of CSI crime”, or in the winter games and the cross-country, surf and other events can see a variety of big O signs and with big O eyeglasses. This European FivesSquared sunglasses.

I found that there was just STP discount code in my mailbox, even postage $49. A rough look at the English introduction, the decisive start. And then it started a long wait. During the period, I saw someone in the comments say big O sunglasses. Chinese people can’t hold their noses. But looking at this 5 square section is Asian, will it always be appropriate? Later, the man said that he bought Asian money, and it was completely suspended with wood. Looking back at the English instructions carefully, the design will be more appropriate. Speechless, I am a decent and generous face.

At last, it was found that it was comfortable to wear, the nose could be held up, the mirror was light, the mirror legs were elastic, and the width of the face was larger. Lenses are non polarized and can be played with mobile phones. It was written in grey. Actually, it looks gray and blue. The workmanship is not bad. It’s not like OK.