Sunglasses can be said to be a necessary product for everyone in the summer. In the sun, people usually adjust the light volume by adjusting the size of the pupil. When the intensity of light exceeds the eye, it will cause harm to the human eye. So in outdoor activities, especially in the summer, you need to use sunglasses to shield the sun, so as to reduce the damage caused by eye adjustment fatigue or strong light stimulation. Of course, in addition to protecting the eyes, the role of X is also a lever.

The weather is gradually hot, I have bought some cheap goods before, and later feel that you have to buy a good pair of eyes, one is the better quality, and two is a lot of money, but it can be used for a long time. My vision.

I also wanted to buy Ray-Ban, but I think Ray-Ban is too dazzling. Haha, the owner of the building is still rather stuffy, so embarrassed that it is too embarrassing to install, PASS dropped, Oakley, a glass brand, and a series of Oakley sports spectacles worn by actors in the early “matrix” films have left me very deep. The impression. Baidu, whether it’s the HDO, the comfort or the appearance, and the Oakley sunglasses have a very good reputation, especially the sunglasses, that’s the absolute one. Of course, I didn’t want to buy sports sunglasses, so this daily Frogskins LX Asian (Fit) became my choice. The reason why you choose this is not only the style but also the two factors, Asian Fit Asian edition.

The price was at 1000 yuan at the time. Well, no more nonsense, look at the real thing. The packaging is quite simple, but it is also for lighten the weight and reduce the freight, ha ha.

The label on the box, Hei hei, or polarizer, happy.

Made in China, which is not exclusive to manufacturing in China, ha ha, as long as the quality is good.

Open the box, the whole family, a glasses bag + instructions. Good shabby. Fortunately, he was mentally prepared in advance, knowing that wood had glasses boxes.

The official website introduces the extreme retro FROGSKINS LX Sunglasses not only to maximize the facial features of the Asians in the spectacle design, but also to make adjustments in the frame radians, the nose height, the mirror frame width, and the mirror leg arc to achieve the unparalleled face and head fitting effect and greatly improve the comfort and beauty of the wear. It seems too exaggerated

Oakley retro Logo design on both sides of the frame. According to the face design of Asians, manual plate material.

Well, the following is the life beast time, because the landlord is really embarrassed to find someone to take photos, and when they have no one in the office, they come to 2 self portraits.

Feeling: the design of the Asians adjusted to the bridge of the nose really brings a good sense of comfort. I have worn some sunglasses in the European version before, and it is really annoying. This one is really satisfied, but is it suitable for my face, and whether there is enough X effect.

In terms of lenses, it has excellent optical precision, clarity and protection. PLUTONITE anti UV lens can filter UVA/UVB/UVC and the harmful blue light with a wavelength of up to 400 nm at 100%. This pair of polarizing lenses can also effectively reduce the glare. It looks really clear in the outdoors, and it is still a myopia (non altitude, about more than 200 degrees, and astigmatism), but the sense of vision is very good and clear.