Cycling (myopia) glasses use experience sharing and OAKLEY RACING JACKET sun sheet use evaluation of what is worth buying riding (myopia) glasses use experience sharing and OAKLEY RACING JACKET basking, what is worth buying value friends to share in the use of evaluation, this article is the author’s personal purchase use feeling and neutral consumption The idea is to spread better consumption proposition among the majority of netizens. go to see

I have been playing with bicycles and running all the time. Poor old martial arts novels have been too much to see (hiding in quilt). The eyes are bad (not too deep, three Baidu), and I can’t find the right product for my sunglasses and sports glasses. I also tried RUDY’s internal hangers and aluminum pylon, a dizziness and a bad wind blocking effect. After reading a previous share list, I also went to the US website to have a look. I couldn’t find the order entry of OAKLEY. Later, I sought help from a friend of the United States to say what the prescription prescription of the optometre institution approved by the US medical institution was, and finally had to BYE-BYE.

Now I wear 2 myopic glasses, one is OAKLEY CROSSLINK, the other is RUDY MAYA (no wind blocking, side lights can not stop, wear 2 times).

In October, Shanghai racetrack HEROS competition, see a bicycle motorcade in Shanghai (well-known in China, for free advertising suspicion, omission), saw wearing a pair of Jawbone myopia glasses, but the structure and ZDM to share a single difference, to understand, said that a domestic sports glasses company to him to customize the lenses are based on the basis. The degree provided is customized to inlay myopia lenses on a solar lens (a person feels like a panda, although there is no difference between 2 meters. The following product picture is provided by the sports glasses company when it is later chatted, they are called embedded).

After coming back, I found the company directly (micro-blog search), and I learned about the product. Micro-blog said that it could accept customers’ customized services for the mirror rack. Once I got to know it, Nima thought he was a little cow B. Why did he provide a picture similar to the share list in front of ZDM?

Let me directly search for their flagship store in Tmall. I have talked a lot about customer service, which has provided many professional knowledge (here, 500 words, too B, I don’t understand). Finally, the customer service summed me up: 1, the lens is the top NXT lens under the line of view (say RUDY’s top color discoloration film is provided by the company); 2, the lens is based on my degree to produce, is used in German technology production; 3: production cycle about 7-10 working days; 4: color lenses (too bull B ).

I asked 2 questions: 1, how much money? 2, what if I feel uncomfortable?

Red my original lens.

Here are some details. We must pay attention to the details of the lenses.

You may have to ask about the comfort of wearing. Here is a high profile and proud display. Cattle X has nothing to do with what I wear. It can go to joseph!

The lenses have been studied, and the lenses are yellow. Again, tell me that this is a NXT all-weather lens. The color of the lens changes with the ultraviolet light, the stronger the UV, the deeper the color (the dark grey), the Yellow brighter in the evening, and the customer service tells me that the NXT color lens can provide the best perspective, from which to make the most clear (if you are bragging. ^).

Customer service has been talking about NXT, which actually looks very special. Direct mother, go, go, do not see do not know, a look at a jump (Baidu in addition to Baidu encyclopedia, there are some NXT video), the U. S. military to the people’s products, Apache helicopter windows. Look again, and introduce the different customer service, said the United States is the product of PPG company, not the customer said Yishilu. Here is a bitch (personality, to break the casserole when). The customer service is very patient, the introduction said that NXT was PPG company, last year and the full line of sight (said to be the most X color lenses), together by the line of view all acquired.