She also has two years to see, during the period of no less chopping hands, but also from the original column middle school things, but has not been sent things, today in the first two days to buy OAKLEY’s sunglasses at home.

I never wore sunglasses before I was 25 years old, and I didn’t think it was necessary. After getting married in 2013, I went to Singapore, Thailand, and Hongkong for more than ten days to see almost everyone wearing sunglasses, so I think I should have sunglasses, too. Next to see what kind of sunglasses to buy, in my mind to buy Sunglasses of course is to buy Ray-Ban only Ray-Ban is professional, Ray-Ban’s sunglasses which sell the best, of course, the most classic 3025, then buy 3025. But after trying 3025, I feel that I wear a good strange, the 3025 triangle of the lens is too long, the lower face is also very bad, the original plan is broken, then look at the other styles of Ray-Ban it seems not to be too willing to buy. When you come back, you can’t open your eyes when the sun is driving, and the grasses of sunglasses have come out in my heart. (it doesn’t seem to be open before the car is open for so many years). Then JD (we are a small county town of Ray-Ban that we can’t sell). Later I saw 3477, which is very similar to 3025, but the lenses are no longer triangular, they become square. But a look at the price is much more expensive than 3025. I heard again that Ray-Ban has a lot of fake. Has JD ever been there? Later, I would like to go to Hongkong for eleven, and then I would like to buy it in Hongkong. I remember that it was bought at the bright point of Langhao Fang, which is much more than RMB1300, which is almost the same price as JD. Link up

RayBan Ray-Ban sunglasses sunglasses, male and female, male and female, RB3477 silver frame green mirror 004 59mm899 yuan RayBan Ray-Ban sunglasses sunglasses, male and female sunglasses, RB3477 silver frame green mirror image, price, brand sample complete! According to Jingdong’s genuine products, the national distribution is better than action, so we can enjoy more concessions immediately. Jingdong global purchase and purchase

Now JD has only this non – proprietary and non – polarized sale

The lens of laser RB standard (this also seems to really focus on fraud, SLR IP6SP)

The information on the leg of the left and right mirror, the sign of the polarized light.

Ray-Ban seems to be this spectacle box. It’s really ugly

It doesn’t matter if it’s written to the topic. Don’t worry, it will be there soon. I am a fan, to say that now what car website is the most fire of course is the car home, the car home who is the most fire that is Han old corpse, I was the poison of Han old corpse of the poison to see the Oakley sunglasses, feel should change a style, a lot of Oakley model is mostly professional sports type is not suitable for daily wear, and finally set the target on the HOLBROOK It’s a very classic form. The stores in the capital and provincial capital have seen it, but the price of 1K7 and 8 has been deterred by me. AMAZON HOLBROOK model of a very large number of lenses color, mirror color are all kinds of colors, I in the low key low key and then low key principle that the color of the OAKLEY logo on the mirror legs must be as black as the color of the mirror frame, this bar must, the optional range can not be small enough to choose it.

Oakley Men’s Holbrook OO9102-90 Prizm Daily Polarized Iridium Rectangular Sunglasses200 dollar Oakley

When it seems there is a third party seller, it is 130 knives. Think about 200 knives and cheaper ones.

Information on the type and size of the left mirror leg

The sign of PRIZM on the lens (seems to be a technology for skiing).

For this matt logo let me spend a few dozen knives (really beautiful)

The box also does not send only a bag, even wipe the mirror cloth to have.

It feels much lighter than Ray-Ban, but in fact, it is entirely psychological.