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Gray lens, yellow painting, suitable for a variety of sports.

OAKLEY (Ou Keli) is the famous brand of sunglasses in the United States, and its multi-functional sunglasses are designed for all kinds of sports personages. The product under its flag is not only outstanding, but also the appearance is quite bright.

This Oakley M Frame Oakley sunglasses neutral, is moving into a series, the material used is OMATTER elastic memory plastic, lightweight, durable, make the wearer more comfortable; HDO high definition optical lens technology, can make the field more clear, the lens itself can be UV protection eyes; three point fit technology can optimization of effective field of view, to protect the wearer’s eyes; nose and non slip rubber material used on both sides of the hydrophilic, non skid and wear comfortable.

EBay gold sellers sunglass-one is currently priced at $78.88, up about 560 yuan Chinese transport platform, the first single minus $5, Chinese platform is the first single to minus $5, before a single user can get single stack to fill 200 minus 30 discount to lower. A favorite value friend can pay attention to it.