Since the last sunglasses have broken, they have been thinking about buying good sunglasses. Originally wanted to buy a pair of eleven discount Tyrannosaurus do play, then one simply bite directly on the Oakley. In view of the military version of Oakley sunglasses can only be sold in the United States, and must be bought by an officer’s license. It’s hard for a friend to get a pair in the United States, and the result is USPS First class. I was afraid that I could not be able to get to it years ago. I didn’t think that a phone call came to the office when he came to work, and the USPS was finally hard.

The packing is a simple box.

A list of all the items. It needs to be explained that the glasses are the SI version, that is, the military version. SI glasses compared to ordinary Oakley lenses, enhance the anti impact force, is said to be able to resist 12m shotgun bullets. The military version Oakley is only made and sold in the US, and it is independent of the official website. It must be purchased by soldiers. There is also a limited number of Oakley on SI on eBay. So in fact, the sunglasses have been dismantled before, but it doesn’t affect it at all. It is now Oakley in China also set up a factory, I not fawning, but because China said the decline in the quality of production oakley.

This model is SI prizm chainlink. Chainlink is a new leisure sunshade that Oakley launched in the past 14 years, because it can also bring with usual travel, so it didn’t buy too militarized models. The SI version of the eyeglass frame is black, low and tactical.

Model and size. It needs to be explained that Oakley was not popularized in Asia before. Therefore, most of the glasses are for face design of European and American people, and the nasal rest is also very low, so as to adapt to the high nose of Europeans and Americans. SI is made in the United States, so there is no Asian Version, and the nose is very low. Although the nose can be replaced by the Asian Version, I have a high nose, and there is no face reaction in the original. But before because of worry, or in advance bought the Asian nose, also changed.

There is a Oakley inscription on the mirror leg

This is a prizm+ Polaroid lens, which should be the most advanced lens of the Oakley. Prizm lenses are the most proud lenses of Oakley. What is the high-tech glasses designed after analyzing human eyes can directly enhance contrast, make red more red and green more green. The lens has the standard of prizm. The lenses are mostly used in skiing and diving, few of the leisure series, and the lenses are not good enough to match.

Prizm lenses look red, especially when the light is not enough. The filtration of strong light is obvious, better than the previous AO polarizing glasses. This lens is like the official network, and it is clear that the contrast is enhanced. It’s even clearer than not wearing glasses

Finally, and also seals the goods Marathon military with a shadow

Summing up this spectacle:

1.prizm lenses are stunning and never experienced.

2. glasses are light and light, resin lenses. It provides both portability and performance

3.prizm lenses are red, and some environment or some people can’t adapt. Can be replaced with an ordinary polarizing lens

4., if you pay a cent, you may think that buying 1,2K sunglasses is not worth it. I used to think so, but the glasses are really comfortable, especially for my outdoor family.