Oakley Radar EV Path All weather photochromic lenses

In order to actively respond to the original call of Aunt Zhang (in fact, procrastination seizures dragged half a month), this time to come to Aunt place to get the first sun achievement.

In recent years, I would go out for a ride in the summer nights, and occasionally go to a mountain with my friends. But money is tight, lazy, so they are not equipped with a pair of glasses riding, is actually a treasure that will pay attention to the extension step of riding glasses, can also look, but it is not possible to hand your inner voice told me that this is not what I need is also concerned about the equipment; riding Oakley in addition to the value of Yan glasses, touching, touching technology, without touching the price and then the weather turned with the Lian Vedon Ce plan was shelved.

Here are some of the drawbacks that I’ve outlined with no sunglasses:

Eyes are not protected, pengci vulnerable to small flying insects in the riding process (I’ll hit several times), there is a small stone, physical contact such as dust, will affect the safe riding.

Summer ultraviolet radiation is too strong, damage eyesight, affect riding safety.

Windy weather or riding down the mountain, the positive air flow machine becomes stronger, without the windshield of the windshield, it is easy to be blown open eyes, if you don’t pay attention to the mountain road, the consequences will be disastrous or ride safety.

So, riding glasses is a must buy!

In view of the author usually riding at night is the main, so transparent or yellow lens utilization rate will be relatively high, but still can not avoid daytime riding demand, eventually, photochromic lenses become the first choice. As for the brand, the last bite into the Oakley Radar EV Path, a step in place is acid cool, mainly to protect the soul of the window.

Purchase recommendations: if there are no special requirements on the photochromic lenses (such as night ride more), I still suggest that going to start with the value of Oakley friends directly coated lenses (polarized or prizm), later if there is a need to re photochromic lenses, as for purchase channels, friends can look at the value of 6pm, or the official website of the United States; patient friends can pay attention to the eBay value of Oakley gold sellers, the basic channel is reliable.

HDO (High Definition Optics), Oakley’s home technology, copy paste the official website introduced, interested friends can click on the link to understand.

Oakley HDO eliminates common defects in common lens distortions to maintain optimal performance:

Articles in the glasses case:

Here under the nose support, a bonus nose, did not see with is put on what is the difference, if the value of Oakley Master if friends, also hope to distinguish questions under the international version with the Asian version? Is it the height of the nasal bracket?

Clear lenses: (attached three frames of violent shock test, I’m deeply planted by these three GIF)

Here careful value friends have been found, the glasses flat on the table, the right side of the glasses legs slightly lifted, did not touch the desktop, asymmetry! I don’t know if this is a case, and the experienced old driver also asks for comment

Photochromic lenses, Photochromic words mark the lens performance and function. Now that you’re in the pit, how do you have to get a pair of coated lenses in the future?

Weigh down: lens with frame 29.1 grams, it’s super thin. Oh, no, it’s super light

Since it is not a photochromic lens, color test is certainly justified, Xiaobian affirmation is not allowed, the value that is more friends will not agree to the. It was a sunny day and then unpacking, simply glasses bag a bag, glasses across the floor to ceiling windows began to enjoy sunbathing for about five minutes..

But I don’t know if the sun is not strong enough, or because of the French window, I feel that the discoloration of the left part of the lens is not so obvious, it can barely distinguish the middle of the lens there is a line. The following diagram. Wait until May and June to see how dark the lenses can be.