oakley Ski glasses

oakley Ski glasses

Remember last year’s September, the last week of the holiday suddenly had the idea of skiing, so called friends together to set a bus trip, like snow mountain set off.

I think it’s necessary to buy a pair of ski goggles in the snow field, but I can’t ski. I didn’t have ski goggles before, but I bought it in the snow field. At that time, the glasses should be a low-end product, quicksilver a pair of blue snow mirror, the price seems to be correct, should be $130 Australian dollars. At that time, the use of the feeling is good, in addition to not accustomed to colored lenses, vision range is a little small, basically enough.

Later, when visiting Aunt Zhang saw a brother of the equipment list, which referred to the Oakley flight deck, so I quietly Baidu, see the picture after the heart suddenly rough. This is the ski mirror I want! I am this person a few days ago will be rough basic day and night on this product, it is about March of this year, the Northern Hemisphere Snow Season basically ended, in each big website and the official website can not find the goods, plus my nose is not high can only buy the Asian Version, it can be really waiting for the heartburn ah, wanted to go with the Australia this year.

One day shopping, think of the city has a Oakley shop, holding the mentality of trying to ask, and did not really have an inventory. But the store can not use discount ah, this put me back, because the working relationship within the shopping website can enjoy many merchant discount, the Oakley can play 10 percent off, but is the official website limited, store can not discount. The clerk looks like to see my “stingy”, told me that when the snow season is coming will have more inventory, you can wait. Please forgive my Chinese, but I was really happy to jump up.

Just last week, a Oakley store in other states emailed me to tell them they had stock, and the lenses were exactly what I wanted. I replied that I have a discount on the official website, what method can buy on the website? The manager told me directly can you give me a discount, then I would order by phone. Then you know, hate and love the waiting process, but fortunately, 3 days later I received the glasses.

Outside the box is a courier bag, so I don’t know if this box is so broken because the courier packaging simple or because storage when damaged, but the box is just inside the box, not bad.

My choice of lens color matching is jade iridium, Chinese should be emerald + coating coating, the outside coating of the lens can effectively reduce glare.

My own lens color is different from that of the official website. Please tell me it’s my eye problem.

5 lens color matching to meet the requirements of different weather taxiing, but the clerk told me, the middle of these three in the shade of the world is also good performance, it can be said that the weather. Of course, I choose this lens and because coating looks cool

One more thing, though it’s a frameless design, it’s very convenient to remove the lens, so it can be removed as long as the lens is pushed from the bayonet to the opposite direction.


This is Yan snow mirror is science and technology, the price for RMB feel very outrageous but Australian feeling is not so high, the technology is not so useful website that I was going to try to know the snow field. Already scheduled June 22nd perisher trip, there are small partners can contact me.