As far as sunglasses are concerned, there are many brands and products in contact with them. But to be fond of or to be fascinated, it is only OAKLEY for me.

What time I began to contact OAKLEY, entry car when I was on a mountain bike 5 years ago, the specific model is not to say, the time for Cycling Sunglasses is almost no concept, bought 150 pieces of the extension step, a famous bicycle shop was lost in Shanghai (starting point bicycle) please allow me to make an advertisement, because this is a dream place to start.

In 2011, there was no OAKLEY store in Shanghai, and there were OAKLEY in some bicycle shops. At that time, a pair of sunglasses was more expensive than the entrance to the mountain, and I couldn’t accept it.

But since then, every time you go through the starting point, you’ll go in and see OAKLEY, and then drool.

It can be said that all my OAKLEY are sea Amoy, because the prices of domestic shops simply can not look directly, who let my pocket no rice?.

First, I also have the last love, Jawbone-LIVESTRONG, in general, not the rider is not considered Jawbone, now called Racing Jacket, at least I did not see the other people who exercise with Jawbone,

LIVESTRONG is also a famous cyclist (later is famous for doping) Armstrong, when I bought it, he is invincible cheshen, idol.

Jawbone, including the later Racing Jacket, really pick face first, cheekbones can not be too high, because he is full frame, high cheekbones and nose bone if low, basically no way to wear glasses, although with the same frame.

Let’s take a picture. Because of the old, alone photos can not be found, tragedy…. In pain.

By the way, the glasses in the picture below

Flak Jacket Polarized, this is the longest time I wear it now, and I think it’s the most widely used. Generally, I drive and ride.

Another reason for introducing this is that Flak Jacket is also one of the most used OAKLEY in the US combat forces. The US military often happens.

Oakley sunglasses, there is a more special, but also the most expensive plastic basket, because the lens, Pho Lens

It means changing color lenses. It’s really a pair of glasses going around the world. The depth of the glasses will vary with the intensity of ultraviolet light.

In fact, not only OAKLEY, other glasses also have color change, I use a UVEX.

Other plastic frames should not be 300 dollars for changing glasses.

Here are 2 OAKLEY and Ferrari partners.

Ferrari’s biggest feature is, Ferrari red, and box, feel relatively tall.