You have to make a plan before the sun had received the glasses, one is for Zhang aunt let me use the gold to change a few glasses, I want to be cool two is posing, who knows a hand wearing glasses to know, O is not suitable for me this big cake face, will not write the article submission, until two days ago to see the sun single man ashtray!

Like Nicholas Cage from hell to return to earth, when a demerit version of Oakley GasCan Sunglasses

Because I usually wear two Ray-Ban is more common

It has been about a cool hanging fried day Oakley wear sunglasses, his wife said you a kind of wood louse was always thinking about dressing up as a metrosexual man, which I refused! I am also metrosexual man ah, round.

By the way, Ray-Ban super light this, wearing is not comfortable, always have to fly down feeling, titanium alloy and bad adjustment, if anyone want to buy this, must go to the counter try to wear, not easy to sea amoy.

If the Oakley counter is too expensive not willing to buy, I have few places to sell great Tun this brand, can try a less, not conducive to carry out the work of the sea amoy.

Until the value of Zhang aunt saw OAKLEY GasCan friends of welfare, my chance is coming, but I want 4000 coins, only less than 2000 ah, now write cheat gold will not be enough, but Zhang aunt anxious masses, actually a men’s Day activities, namely the 2000 gold convertibility a cool sunglasses! And at the same time, I in everyone’s reward, also gathered enough 2000+ gold coins, quickly start, change! This is only quite spent 200 yuan to buy counters, 1000+, 90+ dollars on the United States and Asia glasses ah, accounting for the feeling of cheap, it is dark to internal injuries! Thanks granny zhang! Such activities to engage in more.

This mirror has been one of my caring, straight legs short and fat is very characteristic, imagine yourself wearing will be more handsome than Kecida, than the U.S. soldiers wear more cool, but it’s imagination, the first time after wearing Oakely GasCan sunglasses. Be cool, reality gave me a loud mouth.

Less gossip, open the room sun officially started:

Open the box, see the familiar Ologo, although other values seen friends of the sun, know that there is no glasses box, only with a cloth bag, but still did not give up, wondering if the Oakley package loaded into a box. ”

Workmanship is good, and the feeling of open the legs of the mirror is still running, the lens does not dazzle, not cool, low-key (old) money well, right for my middle-aged uncle, coated film, I really can not control, and quickly put on a change shuai!

The unit can’t wait new glasses, I do not believe, can not believe, thought at least close to Cage.

Another: This is a successful weight loss of 35 pounds of me, if the first two months to get the effect of this glasses, and that picture is too beautiful, I can not imagine ~!

Big head, thick neck or 62mm, Ray-Ban fits my big round face!

Sum up: glasses must be tried!