My dad said he lost his sunglasses, just when I painted SMZDM. I turned over my little Treasury and had more than 3000 gold coins. I took out more than half of them and changed a Oakley sunglasses:

Suddenly feel oneself these months, try to take photos, code word, original, all kinds of blind tossing, was given special significance.

In May 18th May 19th to apply for the exchange, then there has been no audit success, show delivery, I can only wait and glasses with the father said: “free things, must wait ten days before the month.” In fact, I was wrong, but the client did not update it. In May 25th I received a parcel in the office, an ordinary Shentong box, not the legendary “I value to” tape.

Open a parcel, a black box bound up by a common sealing tape.

After the relaxation, is a bit down box, very light weight.

There are bar codes and models on the box.

Directly in the office put the box down, which the content is very simple: sunglasses, black body bags, many kinds of language instruction, reply postcards.

Back home, carefully flip, the manual is not for specific products, but just a brand introduction, as well as instructions for the use and maintenance. The small tag gives some information about the product.

Perspective than Category 3, suitable for sunny days, can be used for driving during the day, in line with my father’s request.

Taobao on the search for similar goods, prices ranging from 800 to 1200, and some of the introduction is polarized, and some are said to be broken, but the instructions are not written, so this is an ordinary sunglasses. A seller introduction said that “two block frame all GasCan cutting on the same piece of lens material, to ensure the best geometric curvature and optical adaptation”, this truth I understand, have the same bird feathers Harry Potter and Voldemort’s wand, is the meaning of it (and not).

To be honest, open the package at that moment, I thought it was a waste of the 1999 gold coins, roadside shops to buy Sunglasses will somehow with a pattern of tacky glasses box, the made in USA ocean sunglasses, black paper box is packed in a dusty and light, it is to live up to the earnest expect, my dad is a cough, I began to show off his “your daughter is hard to give you another senior post brand sunglasses”, afraid he saw the real greatly disappointed.

Go home, open the package, carefully studied the sunglasses body, in fact, workmanship and material are very good. There is a model on the left glasses leg.

Streamline molding, nose support is relatively high.

Although the lenses are made of plastic, Oakley GasCan sunglasses they are of good quality

The whole is very light, white soldiers face without being collapsed.

My dad was pleased to see the sunglasses, but it was a fitting surprise. Impression of the exchange of this product, and then sun alone are bald uncle, of course, my father should count bald uncle.

He may be driven off by the bus driver when he brushes his old card on the bus, no, the driver should not dare to offend him

I tried it on, too. The first feeling was that it was light and very light. Feared nose stuck my flat nose, but in fact the two leg just hoops on either side of the head, is the basic force support where the nose, do not worry about the place on the nose.

My head is big, and the pressure on my glasses and legs is obvious. My father has a very narrow head and no pressure at all. He is also a high bridge of the nose, basically supporting glasses with the bridge of his nose and ears. So if you are usually wearing a hat and I like to buy L or 58 cm hat surrounded by friends, wearing this glasses will obviously feel the mirror leg clip head, but the mirror leg material is not hard, the brain will not be clamped bad, please rest assured. If it is a relatively small head circumference of friends, we need to rely on his nose to support.

Because of the recent is cloudy, no way to test the sun perspective effect, I wore it to look at the bathroom, not flash blind, staring at the bathroom for a while, the only feeling is the opening day of the two lamp was very hot.

Overall, the sunglasses are simple packaging, but with first-class workmanship, material lightweight and durable, and is the international brand, simple and elegant appearance, wearing more comfortable, suitable for driving sunny, Zhennai bald uncle standard, my dad is very satisfied.

That’s over. Thanks for watching. Try to use frigidity, style, code words, and indeed a lot of peace of mind