With the increasing popularity of cycling and running in recent years, attention has also been paid to sports equipment. In many of the equipment, sports glasses is an indispensable part, especially for outdoor sports, to avoid the strong light irradiation, can better play a protective role. OAKLEY, known as HDO (High Definition Optics) technology, has gained a great deal of popularity for its excellent performance.

Oakley HDO technology eliminates common defects in common lens distortions and has kept performance at its best:

Oakley’s performance sunglasses also perform well on impact resistance. It can provide more comprehensive protection for athletes:

The world series of cycling events goes to the tour de france. Oakley and tour de France story can be traced back to 1984, the famous Greg LeMond for the first time in the three time tour de France champion select Oakley Eyeshade, to 2015, Jawbreaker won the sprint king Mark Cavendish’s favor, more and more Oakley Legion contracted tour in the yellow jersey, sprint king, climbing the king and rookie of the top honors.

In the Chinese market, Oakley also chose “super Dan”, which won many honors in the field of badminton, as a brand spokesperson. (as for badminton itself, Lin Dan’s double lap slam honours and efforts are unquestionable.)

The Oakley Sliver series is inspired by an athlete’s attitude to life. Simple skeleton structure design and mirror leg relief design, daily leisure wind collocation is very appropriate. Adopt integral nose support design, accord with Asian face shape, fit nose bridge, wear comfortable. In addition to the use of hydrophilic anti slip mirror legs, you can increase the grip force when sweating, so that the frame is not easy to slide and move.

The Frogskins series contains the style of the early 80s. Lightweight and durable, comfortable to wear throughout the day, the three point fitted mirror frame keeps the lenses optically accurate. Frogskins also gives a “frog skin” fun, fun and full of Lenovo: dazzlingly beautiful body and lens color collocation, the perfect interpretation of the ancient feelings. From now, Frogskins followed the first generation of the classic cool appearance, and the details of the deal to continue in-depth exploration, by the original metal hinge gradually improved as a whole inclined hinge, the mirror body provides a higher degree of flexibility and stability.

From the name of the Stringer is not difficult to find, it is inspired by the characteristics of surfing surfboard edge smooth and clean into the glasses frame design, collocation of classic circular lens to create a sense of leisure life, and the relief of leg collocation clean and smooth lines, very suitable for the Asian face.

As a new sport and leisure sunglasses that can satisfy the beauty, function and safety of the wearer, it is absolutely the most necessary and practical product in summer.

The Jawbreaker series is a series of sunglasses led by Mark Cavendish, a cycling sprint star. Rather than a sunglasses, it’s a “speed armor.””. From concept to final testing stage, every detail is fine tuned. After two years of over 100 repeated changes and 9600 hours of laboratory and field tests, the 27 component sports glasses, Jawbreaker, were finally born.

A key sea wash night confluence glasses can do so cool

The use of radical full frame design to improve the impact resistance of sunglasses, the large area opposite the frame also played a certain role in protection. Both the upper and lower sides of the frame are provided with an integral air permeable hole, which can improve air circulation and reduce fog, and can effectively prevent overheating and fog, and keep the line of sight clear. Jawbreaker series of the most attractive features is the frame design of Switchlock switching quickly changing, another leg can be adjusted through the length of lock, air hole integrated, improved air circulation and reduce fog. The frames are made of Unobtanium comfort nose pads and ear pads, which are more comfortable and fit for riding.