When you choose sunglasses, you will think of a pair of looking good sunglasses, in fact, is very face picking, looks good, may not wear good-looking. OAKLEY Frogskins Oakley Sunglasses Blue coating is this kind of pick sunglasses in a face.

Reasons for purchase

Although Ray-Ban’s Sunglasses already have two pairs.

One side is the sea Amoy Ray-Ban Ray-Ban RB3025 Avator bright green sunglasses, once the sun single as follows.

Bright green sunglasses in summer, just need a pair of sunglasses sunglasses sun, although many brands, many fashion brands will launch its own brand of sunglasses, but Ray-Ban has always been the preferred brand to buy sunglasses. In mid June, just to see the “Ray-Ban Ray-Ban RB3025Avator $69.99 Sunglasses (with the sea Amoy channel code, about $490), just want to buy a pair of bright green lenses I’m interested in EBAY. Ray praise 21 comment 54 collection 38 view details

The other is the RayBan Ray-Ban RB3025-L0205-58 Sunglasses

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The fact that my face is suitable for Ray-Ban this brand of sunglasses, but unable to bear my pursuit of fresh feeling ah (old ah), the two deputy Ray-Ban looks good, but the biggest problem is that one summer, a sweat, glasses began to decline in the nose, summer with sometimes very troublesome. So I want to buy a pair of sunglasses styles best light, and could have different, this idea just to see someone broke.

Look, the design is good. The sunglasses in the blue lenses are not available. They are light. They meet my requirements. They place orders without hesitation.

Everything’s here, the sunglasses are a little ugly, and the black ones are all right.

Sunglasses around the mirror, feet have OAKLEY LOGO, sunglasses, the left side of the frame with glasses models.

The right is the style series, and the other side of the mirror feet of the joint work is very good, not very loose feeling. Overall workmanship is still quite good.

Use perception:
The sunglasses are very light, and they do not have any weight on their faces. The blue of the lenses is not so blue as the publicity. It may have to be so blue in the sunlight.

Compared with Ray-Ban, the size is about the same, but because of the different styles, the face is completely different. It should be said that the more challenging face, the face is certainly not suitable for.

Actually put on a comparison will feel OAKLEY glasses slightly smaller than Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban is a little more cool. OAKLEY gives a feeling, no pictures are amazing, it’s this face, can’t you? In addition, I chose the contrast of the mirror of the Ray-Ban, the mirror effect is better than non reflective.


OAKLEY as America’s light luxury brand, can buy at this price has been very cost-effective. Sea Amoy may not be so cost-effective. So, in general, there’s nothing to be picky about.


1, lightweight materials, very suitable for summer to carry
2, cost-effective,
3 Blue lenses than black lenses updated tide


1, by default a mirror box feel very easy to crush

2, pick too face, face not (may face, this is the advantage)

Personally, I prefer the one with Ray-Ban’s reflection. How about you?